Zoe Leonard & Luis Felipe Fabre

Photography by Mauricio Cano.


Quiero un presidente (I Want a President) is a public art project in collaboration with artist Zoe Leonard and her poem I Want a President (1992), and the free Spanish version of the Mexican poet Luis Felipe Fabre.

Mexico City, June 18, 2018 –  Within the framework of the presidential elections in Mexico and with the intention of reflecting on the political moment, without affiliation or support to any particular candidate or party, Ruta del CASTOR in collaboration with artist Zoe Leonard and the Mexican poet Luis Felipe Fabre, and with the support of different organizations, community groups and members of civil society, presented Quiero un presidente (I want a president).

Quiero un presidente is a public art project based on the poem I Want a President by Zoe Leonard, written in the 1990s during the AIDS crisis and the US presidential elections in 1992. Since then the text has been activated, declared and presented in different institutions and public spaces of the world. Despite having been written 26 years ago and from a different political context, Leonard's poem remains in force, thus adapting to the current socio-political situation in Mexico, advocating for gender rights and sexual diversity and fighting against different forms of systemic oppression.

In order to activate the text collectively, on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 1:00 pm, a group reading of the adaptation in Spanish took place at the Hemiciclo a Juarez of the Historic Center of Mexico City. The invitation and participation was extended to the general public.

The text was also activated in the sound landscape of the City, through a recording made by members of the LGBTTTI community and transmitted by groups of cyclists convened and coordinated by Bicitekas A.C. We thank CiudArte for the support in production consulting of this project.




Directors of Ruta del CASTOR: Sofía Casarín and Andrea de la Torre Suárez.

Project in collaboration with artist Zoe Leonard, Galleria Raffaella Cortese Milan and Hauser & Wirth.

Edition and printing: ALIAS Editorial

Free translation: Luis Felipe Fabre

Production: CiudArte

Sound piece transmission: Bicitekas A.C.

Coordination of sound and video piece: Berke Gold y Laos Salazar

Sound piece production: Pedro y el Lobo

Digital design: Magdalena de la Torre Suárez

Photo documentation: Camila Cosío y Mau Cano

Video documentation: Dandy Arriaga

Video: Vik Oseguera


Special thanks

Agustín Martínez, Alberto Fiore, Andrea Viedma, Amanda Echeverría, Anne Ellegood, CC Border, CC Jauría Trans, Damián Ortega, Diego Morales, Eugenio Echeverria, Fabiola Quintero, Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Hauser & Wirth, Jaime Soler Frost, Juan Miguel Mora, Lucía Hinojosa, Luis Felipe Fabre, Moky May, Nathan Ambriz, Nick Herman, Olga Rodríguez, Rodrigo Peñafiel, Tim Macgabhann, Valeriano Suárez Suárez and Zoe Leonard.


About Zoe Leonard

Zoe Leonard (Liberty, New York, USA, 1961) is an artist and activist. Through maps, anatomical models, shop windows, museums and shops of her family environment, she has produced work in photography and sculpture during the last three decades. Her work has been recognized for its lyrical observations of everyday life, linking attention to politics and the conditions around image and its capture. She recently had a retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York,(2018).


About Luis Felipe Fabre

Luis Felipe Fabre (Ciudad de México, 1974) is a poet and essayist.


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