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CASACUNA is a community-based project that through a program of educational and artistic activities, it seeks to foster bonds and exchanges between artists and the orphanage, Casa Cuna la Paz.

Based on the needs and common situations of the children of the orphanage, the program consists of developing multidisciplinary artistic workshops with the invited participants, with the intention of generating stimulating experiences for creativity and imagination.

Casa Cuna La Paz was founded in April of 1907 by Elisa Margarita Berruecos and Juvera, whose goal from the beginning, was to offer asylum to all children who suffer morally or materially.

Originally located in the Colonia Santa María La Ribera, Casa Cuna La Paz was later moved to a building built especially for this purpose in Colonia Condesa. Currently serving 98 children from three months old to six years of age, the orphanage provides comprehensive services.