Tianguis queercuirkuir Serigrafistas Queer & Mariela Scafati

Ruta del CASTOR presented Tianguis queercuirkuir, a public art project convened by Serigrafistas Queer & Mariela Scafati, at Monumento a la Revolución in Mexico City.

Tianguis queercuirkuir onsets from a screen printing workshop for collectives and organizations, proposed by Mariela Scafati, as part of her practice with the non-group, Serigrafistas queer.

This workshop takes silkscreen from its place of technique and printing as an end, to then focus on everything that happens during the activity: the collaborations, the sharing, the completion of specific tasks, the ideas that generate new projects, and above all, the good times. People from different collectives and organizations participated in the workshop, enthusiastic about sharing this serigraphic work at the Monumento a la Revolucion plaza; in front of a transient audience and among summoned friendships.

This proposal extended to the public space where silkscreen worked as a platform to think in multiple ways through slogans, ideas, moods, poems, narratives, and memories, while printing on posters, t-shirts, editions, flags, and other supports.

In the transition that occurs from the workshop to the tianguis; from serigrafistas to tianguistas; a series of meeting points take place: an exchange, a context that represents us. Both are active scenarios, places of participation and reciprocity, that generate the possibility of new temporary alliances.

“Screen printing is not just about printing, it is also about finding oneself. To be so many and so squeezy , that they can not even name us.”

Tianguis queercuirkuir happened Friday February 8, a month from the international feminist strike. We celebrated having our own time and having us.

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Poder a la vaginas trans masculinas Identidad en construcc.../ Aborto legal es vida/ Corpo Traesnho* Toda señora es política* No me calmo, mi amor* Hasta que nuestra muerte no sea normal* Estoy aquí verde pensando libre con nosotrxs* Estoy Ganso*

Es tu deseo?* De qué color es tu placer?* Ser y sentirnos libres* Tiernamente violent❁ Autodefensa ya!* Castoras cachondas construyendo

Date: Friday, February 8, 2019

Time: 1 - 5 PM

Place: Plaza del Monumento a la Revolución, Mexico City.

This project was possible with the support of Tequila 1800.

Special thanks: Gobierno de la Ciudad de México, SOMA, Galería Isla Flotante.